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"It was a brilliant show... brought a tear to my eye... loved it and so did both Callum and Emma."

"Amazing end of term show. Thank you so much. All the children were AMAZING! Can't wait for next term."

"Well done on a fabulous show- They honestly seem to be getting better and better!"

"Georgia is loving your Popsicals classes! She's so excited for the show you are doing."

"Thanks for putting on a really great show. Ella truly enjoyed the whole week. She can't wait to do the Mary Poppins week."

"I just wanted to let you know that Freya has really enjoyed her week with you doing Mary Poppins. She's come home full of excitement every day and says she only wants to do singing and acting now. So many thanks for making her first summer camp so special and memorable, we really do appreciate it."

"The performances just get better and better. You do a fantastic job with those kids and there were sooooo many! I thought it was the perfect performance today! Well done!"

"It boosted her confidence in ways I couldn't have dreamt of. She's doing much better at school for being happier too. I have the pleasure of listening to her singing her head off at home but that's nothing to seeing her burst into song on stage. It was so amazing to see. I can't thank you enough for everything you've done to bring a shy little girl out of herself. Her confidence is amazing since she's been coming to popsicals. You've got a passionate, enthusiastic and very talented bunch of kids who go to the usual classes but this workshop seemed to bring the best out of all of them. Kim is turning into a very confident, talented, extraordinary little lady and I couldn't be prouder. Overall, the performance today was the best to date. You've got an amazing way with these children, the whole team has and it really shows by how well they come together and put on these beautiful shows. I was completely blown away by how fantastic the Matilda show was. Well done everyone!"

"She can be a little attached to me and timid but each day when I picked her up she didn't want to leave to come home and I have never had her leave my side at a drop off with such ease so thank you for making it such an enjoyable experience for us both!."

"Brilliant school holiday activities where little ones & older ones just love it. Laura runs these classes excellently, putting on a show where the kids create their own stage props & scenery, then perform at the end of the week. Such great fun for all ages - highly recommended!"

"Thank you so much for the amazing performance tonight. All the children were stars. Totally brilliant. Well done to all the children, Laura and backstage helpers. Here's to the next show!"

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